Working as a food photographer means photographing amazingly well prepared droolicious dishes and then more often than not, getting to taste test!  You can imagine then that the lack of an adventurous tasting palette is somewhat disappointing.  I wish it weren’t true, but it is, I’m ridiculous and eat very few dishes.  I can’t claim a #Foodie Title I’m afraid, I just dont deserve it.  I do however, love photographing food.

Near the end of 2014,  I was selected to be a regular contributor for The Pretty Blog.  It was an opportunity to explore and photograph new trending spots in Cape Town, share travel photographs from around the world and on a monthly basis, work as a food photographer while collaborating with my good friend, who happens to be a talented chef Tracey.

Here are some of my favourite (mostly, I watched everyone else eat) images from the work we’ve done together to date:


If you’re working on an exciting food project and need a photographer, please do contact me – I’d love hear your ideas and work together to create something spectacular. I look forward to hearing from you,