I’m Darren – A Cape Town based wedding and lifestyle photographer – A regular guy that finished school, studied marketing and business management & then found a safe job which led to a long career in the IT industry. I completed a Post Graduate Diploma in project management and finally, after many, many, many hours behind my camera, I realised that apart from how happy taking beautiful PHOTOGRAPHS makes me, I really loved the process of creating a product that someone would love and treasure, well, for generations to come.

My experience in the corporate world has been invaluable.  I understand the importance of your time, product delivery and customer service. Beautiful photographs are key (That goes without saying), but I place value in CUSTOMER service. By this I mean from the start of our journey until the delivery of your end product, I’m here. Engaged. Of Service.  I want you to love working with me.
I hope we connect soon.

When there is no camera …


I can be found spending time with my wife Ashton.  We dated for a few years and then at the end of 2013 we climbed into our car to join friends for a New Years Eve party along the Breede river in Malgas.  On the way up, we stopped in the quiet town of Swellendam for a few nights.  It was here that I asked Ashton to read through my final blog post for 2013 – It was a tribute to her.  When she finished going through it, I asked her to marry me.  She said yes.
In May of 2014 we returned from photographing a wedding in Thailand and began to talk about planning our own wedding – I think we’d imagined we’d take our time and get married within 2 years – Turns out, 6 months later, in December 2014 we were married.  It may sound like a bit of a cliche, but it really was the very best day of both of our lives. It was us, our very special family and the best of our friends – What more could you ask for?  I believe if you do the planning upfront and then on the day, just remain present & surrender yourself to the moments as they unfold – The magic, it’s there.
In 2016 we opened our homes and hearts to Cooper the French Bulldog.  This little guy, he has us wrapped around his dinosaur looking paws and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We’re always on the look out for pet friendly restaurants or places that allow fury friends, so if you have a regular spot you frequent, I’d love to hear about it.
Right now, these two, along with the rest of my family and friends make up the adventure we call life – I’m so very grateful for it & so happy I get to share it with Ashton – She has always and continues to be my biggest supporter.  I can’t imagine this journey without her.


– The 2 most important words I get to utter everyday.

I love this quote by Susan Sontag:

I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.



Mauritius | New Zealand

Adventure Awaits

Paris & London

I love travelling. Exploring. Learning. It’s such a privilege. The world – It’s Huge & yet we’re all connected.  I’ve loved every adventure I’ve been blessed to take – America, Australia, Europe, The Middle East – Every single one holds special memories.

I love planning a trip, considering what we’ll see, imagining it all & then actually doing it.  It’s awesome.  Our last trip was to England, Paris & Amsterdam.  There are some images on my blog if you feel like being an armchair traveller.  Next on the bucket list is New York & very many island holidays, Zanzibar, Mozambique, Seychelles or Mauritius (I want to go back).

I have photographed weddings in New Zealand and Thailand (puts working in hot weather in perspective) and hope that the opportunity for a destination wedding or two presents itself in the near future.


I’ve been fortunate to learn from and work with some amazing talent – The best Local & International photographers.  I love the craft & honestly believe that this is a continuous learning journey – I take great pride in constantly wanting to improve my skill set – The more I learn, the more I have to offer. Here are some behind the scenes images of some of my industry favourites.



(Header Image of me, by Lizelle Lotter.)