I love printed images. Our home is full of them.

Our dining room has a wall dedicated to about 50 frames, filled with family photographs. The things is, they’re photographs that were taken at least 2 years ago – When the frames were put up. We have new family members younger than that, so they don’t feature on that wall 🙁 [Note to self: Update the pictures in the dining room]

For that reason alone, this is why I love these products – They’re quick, fun and easily updated 🙂

Number 1: Nifty250.

You know all those pics you upload to Instagram?
Well these guys have come up with an ingenious way of allowing you to browse through your Instagram images on their website, to choose your favourites and to then hit print. Instagram style images, printed and delivered to your door within a few days. It costs about R4 per polaroid style print and delivery costs R35.  (There are minimum quantites).

It really is that simple – You never have to leave your desk.


Darren Bester Photography - This Makes Me Happy_0001.jpg
Darren Bester Photography - This Makes Me Happy_0002.jpg
Darren Bester Photography - This Makes Me Happy_0003.jpg

Number 2:  Fujifilm Instax

I love this camera. Prints can be a little pricey at around R10 – R15 per image, (depending where you buy the film), but I’m tempted to say it’s well worth it. It’s INSTANT after all 🙂

My instax camera has been with me all the way to Mauritius + New Zealand and it’s found it’s way to the occasional wedding – I enjoy it most to update pics on family members fridges…. and then I tend to take at least 2 or 3 of the same image so we all get a copy.

All the images taken with this camera land up hanging in the study (if they aren’t on the fridge) – There is a clothes lines style collage on the go, complete with mini pegs.

Darren Bester Photography - This Makes Me Happy_0004.jpg
Darren Bester Photography - This Makes Me Happy_0005.jpg

Number 3:  Polaroid Style Magnetic Frames

These puppies, the fridge magnets – They pretty much rule. Every time I open the fridge to grab a glass of water (Coke) or some fruit (pickled onions) I get to see someone I care about on the door 🙂

When I’m tired of seeing them (they stop calling), I wipe away their blurb and change their picture (sorry mom) 🙂

I can change the image and caption as many times as I like. (Bring me cupcakes and you go back on the fridge)

About 3 years ago I had a few hundred of them made up because I knew (I still know) you’d want one too!!

Right now, they can be found at the Kodak store in Canal Walk if you’d like to purchase one (5 magnets per pack).
I am still on the lookout to stock them elsewhere – Perhaps you have a good idea? Mail me : info@darrenbester.co.za – Or if you’d like to purchase a pack or two directly from me, you can mail me too.

Darren Bester Photography - This Makes Me Happy_0006.jpg
Darren Bester Photography - This Makes Me Happy_0007.jpg
Darren Bester Photography - This Makes Me Happy_0008.jpg

Whatever you do, Choose to print your memories – You can plant a tree in your garden to offset the equation 😉

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Gail Bester
March 10, 2015
I like when you update my pics on my fridge in your special fridge magnets ! Thank you