As frequent visitors to Paternoster, Sheridan and Mark thought it would be the perfect spot for them to have some photographs taken, with an upcoming anniversary to celebrate, it was also the perfect time.

Having never been to Paternoster myself, I was very excited with the prospect of photographing them in and around the coastal village, on the beachfront with the local fisherman, etc… Capturing everything the small town had to offer. That all changed the very instant I saw a few containers on one of the backstreets of town. Yes. You heard me. Containers. Neither Sheridan nor Mark blinked when I said we weren’t going to the pretty party of town, they just smiled and were like, OK, that sounds good. I love that.

So if a few of these photographs don’t make sense, just know that they made my day and if you ever really want to be photographed in a container depot, I’m the guy you should call because that would make me really, really, really excited.

Of course we did move on to the pretty side of town. Sheridan had opted for an extended shoot when we initially made the arrangements which was perfect because we were able to take advantage of every light scenario – The bright sun with all its shades through until sunset. Magic.

Sheridan and Mark, thank you for trusting me and giving me the freedom to shoot exactly as I wanted. I hope you love these images as much as I do.

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