More than 100 000 people over a four day period were expected to visit Maynardville last week. Hoping to avoid the queues the bulk of those visitors would generate, we popped in on Thursday evening to see if the carnival was everything it promised to be.

The Community chest carnival began as a tea party in 1954 and over the years has transformed itself into the fanfare it is today. Raising funds for more than 400 social welfare organizations, ranging from healthcare to child support, rehabilitation and caring for the elderly, the minimal entrance fee is well spent. The carnival garners the support of 9 000 volunteers. Read that again. 9 000 volunteers. How amazing is that.

While, not quite Ratanga Junction, the carnival has its fair share of entertainment for the younger generation, and plenty of food and beer for everyone else.

I remember going to Maynardville every year as a child and then seemed to take a break during my twenties. The break is over and I’ll be back there next year, supporting this worthy cause.

If you do the same, I’ll meet you at the pancake stall ; )

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